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Segue Information Technology Enterprise Solutions

Information Technology - Mission/Purpose

Our “SITES” group provides the highest quality information technology professionals to meet your critical business demands in a timely and most cost effective manner possible”.

About SITES Group

We are a Florida based group with offices throughout the east coast. We offer over 30 years experience in both recruiting and Information Technology. Our staff members are committed to delivering results and satisfying' permanent full-time and contract ERP, CRM and Change Management staffing needs while, at the same time, locating the best career opportunities for qualified candidates.
At SITES we are looking for individuals who come from a broad base of backgrounds with varying Information Technology experience in specific markets, most notably ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and CM experience (Change Management).
If you are interested in being part of a team of experts that brings a wealth of industry experience, technical skills and an in-depth knowledge of your specialty area, then we can help.
We believe that the success of a company hiring objective largely depends on the combination of quality professionals and a great staffing partner. Therefore, we work extra hard to identify and recruit the industry’s best talent and direct them to promising career opportunities.


The SITES Group has a focused core team of specialized IT recruitment professionals who can locate, screen and mobilize the specific talent required for even the most challenging business requirements regardless of how specific core competencies needed.

SITES provides the highest level of professional services and technology support for:

  • Business analyst
  • Change Management process specialists
  • Data / Voice Engineers
  • Database (Developers / Administrators)
  • Datawarehouse Architects
  • Desktop support
  • Developers (Microsoft/Unix/Linux)
  • Engineers
  • Help Desk
  • Network Engineers
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Manager
  • Support Analyst
  • Systems Administrator
  • Technical Writer
  • Unix Administrator

SITES delivers “lightning fast” on-site resources to facilitate rapid and effective rapid deployment and integration of specific technology business requirements through the usage of contract and “temp to perm” consulting, training and other various interim support functions.

Sites IT sales team forms close professional relationships with our clients, learning each department’s intricacies by spending time to understand:

  • Daily Operations
  • IT Project Life Cycle
  • Technical and functional skills mix
  • How IT departments integrate with other technical and operational areas of the organization
  • What technical tools are used to support IT areas (operating systems, hardware, software, etc.)

SITES supply our clients with resources in several ways:

  • Contract
  • Right-to-hire
  • Permanent placement
  • Project teams (Time & Materials)

Furthermore, we are capable of delivering immediate results for large scale company hiring objectives utilizing our Rapid Hiring Model – RHM.


RHM – Rapid Hiring Model was developed at the request of our clients to help serve them better. We condense a 2-4 week process to 1 day and ensure that the needs of our client’s are met. This is done through intense research, market analysis and candidate identification; we remove most of the legwork from our client. The difference between our RHM and the traditional hiring process is time. We present only the most prepared, motivated and qualified candidate’s that best fit the positions.

SITES RHM – SITES is on the cutting edge in implementing changes to traditional hiring practices. We have developed and perfected a system that saves time, effort and removes the frustration from the hiring cycle.

RHM Specialty Divisions: Our RHM recruiters specialize in specific markets and technologies.

  • Web development

  • Product development

  • CRM / ERP Solutions

  • Change Management

Why Our IT Recruiters?

  • Product knowledge experts

  • Certified CCIE, Microsoft/Java Developers

  • Experienced in Problem / Solutions management

  • Business networking expertise

The RHM is an intensive one-day event that allows you to interview only the best candidates. We do all the legwork: qualifying, screening, technical / Logic tests, interviewing.

This is how the RHM works:

  1. You have several to fill multiple IT consulting positions of similar skill sets.

  2. One of our Specialty RHM Managers meets with you to learn as much as we can about your technical environment, corporate culture, competition, project and direction.

  3. We confirm a date for the RHM at our offices.

  4. Your management team arrives at the RHM, ready to interview all of our prescreened, tested candidates.

  5. We meet the following day to help facilitate final hiring decisions.

If your firm has multiple Information Technology Consulting positions and need them filled quickly! That’s where SITES comes into play.

Guarantee – We guarantee our performance. It is a commitment that obliges all staff members to constantly strive to maintain the highest professional standards throughout their efforts. Whether you are a client seeking staffing solutions for your organization or an individual IT professional seeking a new career assignment, the SITES Group welcomes the opportunity to work with you!


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